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Day One Gifts

katie hornor

Download my comprehensive course creation blueprint. Your guide to creating a fabulous online course or coaching program.

Want to dive deeper into knowing who your God is as the Owner of your business? VIPs get free complimentary access to the 4-part on-demand training where you'll learn how to work WITH God in Growing Your Business. Confidence and Success is Possible!

Carrie Reichartz

Get Your FREE Guide: 

In this free eBook you will find 15 scripture promises and writing prompts to help you be grounded in hard times.

This powerful conference will strengthen your spirit and help you find peace in the middle of the storms surrounding us knowing that you are firmly rooted in Christ.

Maureen Spell

Download the "Unholy Hustle" journal/devotional and work through the prompts and Mind Map tool to gain clarity on where God has you and your business in this season.

The Mompreneur Mindset course will help you know how you make decisions, help create decision filters, and develop life-giving next steps to take in business and family. Your mom-brain is uniquely wired!

This resource will help you create smart business goals, which reflect your priorities and core values, so you can stop feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Track personal, family, education, and business goals every quarter. Comes with a complete set of quarterly goal trackers, yearly goal trackers, FREE for VIP.

Kristin Dronchi

Grab the guide that will walk you through questions that will start to help you extract and develop your God-given Lighthouse Message

Get the clarity you're seeking so that you can stand firm in WHO God created you to be and call in the people you're called to serve. This interactive assessment will reveal the breakthrough what is keeping you stuck.

Julianne Kirkland

Get a Free digital download of my book "Arise and Shine"

It’s great to say we want to live into the best versions of ourselves, but in order to do it consistently we need the right tools to support our growth! Enter this productivity training.

Get a Custom Plan to Optimize Your Small Business.You need a plan to grow your small business. Take the 12-minute assessment, to receive a detailed report sent to your email which examines the 6 main parts of your business and where you need to focus your time and energy.

What is truly possible in your business?! Take the 12-minute Business Assessment and schedule an Assessment Review with Stacey. During this time Stacey will help you craft a 90 Day Action Plan to generate more revenue and profit in your business.

Download my free tool: Overwhelm Into Simplified Action. This tool will help you move forward QUICKLY in partnership with the Holy Spirit when you experience brain freeze.

Dr. Debra Dean

The FREE Discipleship Growth Chart helps you know where you are in your faith journey. This quick assessment acts as a barometer with your faith to know how you are maturing from infant to elder, which is important as we prepare for some of the most difficult trials and tribulations in our lives.

VIPS can download a free chapter from my upcoming book: "Jesus Come Revive America: Forgive Us for We Have Sinned"

Whether you need to start from the beginning or need a fresh start, these 5 journal prompts will reset your mindset so you can start building the life you long for personally and professionally. Claim your mindset reset journal prompts here:

Free Download: 4 Steps to Simplify Your Calendar. It's a powerful process for your real life and schedule.

Get a REALIFE Needs & Values Assessment™ FREE on the VIP resource page.

Day Two Gifts

Lisa Vanderkwaak

5 Phases of Speaker Development - to become aware of what phase they are at as a speaker and what to do to get to the next level of impact.

Download these Speaker Media Sheet Templates for F.R.E.E. to Speak without Fear.

Beverly Walthour

This 6-Figure Framework for Christian Female Coaches outlines my 5-P Framework that I use and my clients use to create a 5-figure weeks. They can access it FREE here:

Access this free video training so you can learn to increase engagement in LinkedIn

FREE: a 5-step mini-course on building an effective marketing plan on social media.

Lindsey Johnson

Grab this free Welcome and Nurture Email Sequence Template pack so you can finally write an effective and nurturing email sequence to welcome new people to your list!

Sales Copy Shortcut (free for VIP) is a course and toolkit for writing a high-converting sales page. Students have used it to write their long form sales page in 4 hours!

Katie Coates

Free Guide: How to Get Quoted by Media Outlets in Your Industry

FREE Five-part video series teaching how to pitch the media in your market to get your business story featured in mainstream media outlets, to create amazing credibility.

Christa Hutchins

FREE: download a case study on my top partnerships from the last year. It will give you ideas for how you can leverage your relationships to increase your visibility.

FREE access to the Rocket Your Reach Challenge, including the interactive Visibility Decision Tool. It will help you develop a custom visibility plan to implement.

Michelle Lange

This High Impact Video Guide will help you get your video studio up and running simply and easily so you can start growing your audience, income and impact with video!  

Fast Track to making your videos amazing with this 20 min training on creating video for your business.

Anita Morin

Get your VIDEO VISIBILITY POWER PACK! 8 success tips for YOUTUBE, 10 mistakes entrepreneurs make on YOUTUBE. 9 tips for filming BINGE worthy videos for ANY platform and how to know what to say! And the best part: How to maximize one hour to produce all your video content that could serve you for an ENTIRE month!

The Youtube Starter Kit shares a workflow to save you time in prepping youtube content.

Dannella Burnett

Free Speakers Crush it from the Stage Checklist of all you need to know to use stages to market your business.

VIPs claim a complimentary ticket to the VISIBILITY EVENT November 9-11, 2022.

Take this funnel quiz to find out which type is right for you.

Get the exact step by step system I have used to build 3 businesses in 3 different markets and scale them to 6 and 7 figures in less than a year.

Day Three Gifts

Kathy Burrus

FREE: 5 Steps to Overcoming Life’s Detours and Stepping into your Remarkable Purpose

Free: Make My Difference workbook

While my main service is the step-by-step to declutter ones physical home, the foundational steps I give you, once applied will affect all areas of your life: business, family, spiritual.

Sign up for my "3 Must Do" Foundational Decluttering Steps below:

VIPS can claim a complimentary ticket to my next live de-cluttering workshop.

Tresa Salters

This list of FREE printable biblical affirmations cards will keep your mind in Truth throughout your day.

VIPS are invited to attend a complimentary Christian fitness class - on demand.

FREE: Bible and Breakfast Study Questions to help you grow in your relationship with God and teach your children

Scripture verse cards to encourage you when times are tough

Download a free list of questions to answer in order to set a healthy schedule.

Download a free list of ways to set boundaries and also to set non-negotiables.

Free Body Shape Ebook to help you understand which clothing pieces work best on your specific body type, so you always look good and never waste money again on clothes you won't wear.

VIPs claim your free clothing color analysis.

Natalie Lavelock

The Profit Potential Bundle is a digital FREE download and training that will help you uncover where you're leaving money on the table, how you can increase your income and realize your true potential. As a bonus, you'll also receive an additional downloadable that will show you 20 lucrative offers you can use to book 3 new clients in the next 30 days. 

Grab The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Million Dollar Lead Magnet for Your Speaking & Coaching Business NOW and start generating leads today! Create your own high-converting lead magnet so you have even more leads coming into your business. See how to turn your lead magnet into a multiple 5 or 6 figure business! Plus, enjoy the on-demand workshop on YOUR timetable.

Dawnita Fogleman

FREE Press Release Template:

Open opportunities to not only be mentioned, but perhaps be interviewed. With this essential guide, let Journalist and Author Dawnita Fogleman walk you through the steps to create an effective press release, introducing your business as an essential part of your community!

This challenge will help you better articulate your words, making your social media interaction more... "social" and meaningful. You'll learn the importance of this lost art and how it can be used to enhance collaborations as well.

Day Four Gifts

Victoria Mininger 

Daily Rhythms Worksheet to help you stay focused on what God has called you too each day and what He says about you.

Claim a FREE autographed physical copy of my book "Daring to Fight: When Grit, Grace and Faith take Depression Head On".

Rachael Elmore 

Claim your free Guilt Guide to learn to overcome it once and for all.

Claim your complimentary access to the 5 Secrets to Extinguish your Anxiety course!

Does managing your doubts feel like a mystery to you? I've got you. Sign up below to receive a solid, yet practical plan on how to get help that even the pros aren't sharing.

Free Magazine and Kindle Fire Giveaway:

The Old Schoolhouse magazine would love to offer you a free print issue of our magazine. click the link below and USE the code FREEDOM at check out to get it free and you'll also be entered to win a kindle fire.

Tanya J. Miller

Sign up for daily motivation, inspiration, encouragement, updates and much more! When you sign up you get 25% off your first order Merch by TJM @ shop.tanyajmiller.com. Merch options include our books, journals, and Message Merch.

Any road will not get you there! Get it right; know your it and your where in order for you to make it right and make it for you! Enjoy this free manual and 3 part series from Talking with Tanya Tuesdays and Talking with Tanya Take Two Thursdays! #Getitright

Colleen Biggs

With your Step Into the Spotlight Business Toolkit, you’ll learn how to maximize your money and profits as a speaker, become an online influencer, embrace YOUR power and cultivate your vision that will become your anchor in any storm. Ready to rock your business?! Download your Step Into the Spotlight Business Toolkit now:

VIP's receive a Free ticket to the Government Contracts Workshop

where you’ll discover

How to find easy-to-access government contracts, projects & funds. The exact steps for winning larger government contracts, An introduction to high-level opportunities from amazing experts, including Local governments, National Cooperative Big Contracts, and Federal.

And so much more. Working with the government doesn’t have to feel intimidating and confusing. Colleen, and her guests will walk you through exactly how to open the door to the world of government contracts — so you can tap into this reliable income stream for your business.

Danielle Tate

Get this free training:

4 Things Holding Back Your Financial Freedom Journey and How To Fix Them, so you can identify the 4 key areas of your life that hinder the journey toward financial freedom.

Complimentary enrollment into the 14 Day Savings Challenge that I will be running in late October.

Myrna Buckles

Free Conversation Tips that my clients have used to grow their client base as well as serve their team.

A Complimentary Pack of 30 Social Media Engagement Post templates.

Connie Buskohl

Get access to the "Be Still" painting class on demand to take some time enjoying being creative with the God of peace in these crazy times.

Free registration to the Business and Taxes Q&A with Connie on september 27 at 7pm cst

Free 30-days of Morning Motivations delivered to your email inbox, saving you time lost in the abyss of the internet while still getting a daily dose of motivation.

Free Training : Six Steps to


in Life and Business

Enjoy (3) three resources relating to essential oils and expand your resources for health:

  1. What is an Essential Oil? Newsletter
  2. When to Use this Essential Oil (Cheat Sheet)
  3. 5 Swaps to Clean Living

My VIP offer: complimentary watch-on-demand natural health introductory class: You were made to thrive

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