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What's Included In Product Launch Formula®?

The online PLF training program that takes you through all the strategies and tactics that have driven over a BILLION dollars in launches by our students.

Eight (8) modules that walk you through creating your first launch... and then growing your launches from there.

The interactive Launch Path feature is your direct shortcut to the most relevant- for-you content. And if you’re speeding through the program and finish a module early, you’ll get access to the next one immediately.

Action Guides, timelines, templates and checklists to help keep you on track throughout your launch.

Additional training on how to go beyond just launches, to creating an entire business based on them, as well as a life you love (in my world, we call it #launchlife).

Transcripts of all the training videos (perfect if you're like me and you like to read more than watch videos).

Audio-only files of all the training videos (if you would rather listen to the trainings instead of watching the videos — great while you're driving or taking a walk).

A full year of Coaching Calls with my team of full-time, in-house coaches. This is your opportunity to get live, personal support all year. The calls happen every other week. You also get to hear your fellow PLF students’ questions and answers — always helpful for your own business.

You also get the recordings of all the coaching calls so you can listen to them again (or catch up in case you have to miss one).

The PLF Owners Alumni group — where you can really tap into the community and interact with all our other PLF Owners (and I mean past and present... so you're rubbing shoulders with the giants of the PLF world — people who have done six- and seven-figure launches).

What are Jeff's Bonuses?

BONUS: my complete "Launching Your List" video training course. This is a stand-alone course on how to grow an email list of people hungry for what you offer. You can access this course directly inside your PLF Portal.

BONUS: the full-blown “Product Creation Code” video training course. This course shows you how to create an offer that people will line up to pay you for... whether it’s an online program, membership, coaching program, or physical product.

BONUS“Your Tech Stack Quick Start” — This is my team training you on picking out the right technology for your launch, and getting it set up. If you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “tech question”... we’ve got you taken care of.

BONUS: the full Case Study & Launch Examples Library — If you love to learn by example, this bonus is pure gold.

You’ll have access to dozens of in-depth case studies from PLF Owners selling all kinds of products in different niches.

Also included are complete videos and scripts from launches in various markets... along with my analysis of what they did well and what they could have improved.

Then there’s my “$7 Million Launch Sample File” — this is copy from $7 million in launches that I've done, plus additional copy from some of our PLF Owners' launches. You can use this “sample copy” as a starting point for your launch. Never sit down to a blank page!

BONUS“Advanced Launch Multipliers” — This bonus will give you the scoop on some of the more specialized launch techniques, including Live Launches, Quick Launches, Evergreen Launches, and more. Even though these sophisticated strategies, you’ll be surprised at how simple they can be once you’ve gotten a little experience.

BONUS“Launch Partnership” — This mini-course teaches you the lucrative business of helping other people with their launches... either as a Joint Venture partner, consultant, launch manager, or even as a full business partner.

BONUS: my “Low-Tech Launch” Guide — This bonus shows you how I did a super-low-tech launch in April 2020. It might have looked fancy on the outside... but we did it in an extremely “Tech Lean” fashion — because COVID forced us to. We’ll show how you can launch in a super simple, almost “no tech” way. If you’re worried about the technology, this simple style of launch is your new best friend... and we’ll show you how to do it in this bonus.

BONUS“Winning Book Launches” — If you’re an author, this one is all about how to launch your book.

What Results Have We Gotten with Product Launch Formula®?

Tap and I have been first hand witness to what Jeff Walker's PLF formula has done for other businesses as well as our own, and I'm anticipating no less for you. I am an affiliate for his masterclass – going all in to refer you and others to his class – even offering my own set of BONUSES when you buy through my student referral link on this page - because I believe so much in the power of his formula to scale your business. Obviously he doesn't guarantee results, but here's what has happened for us...

$4,994 on our first PLF style launch

$100,457 on our biggest PLF style launch

4-xed our business during a global pandemic

Used a PLF launch to replace a stolen car!

Katie Hornor PLF replaced my car

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in Product Launch Formula® Through Us?

Here's 5 Reasons Why...

When you Join Product Launch Formula® Through the Link on the Page, You'll also get Access to Katie's Bonuses:

Exclusive "18 Factors for Long-Term Success" Video from Jeff

Super Secret Seed Launch Exclusive Interview with Jeff

Bonus ticket to Course Mastery Live

March 16-18, 2023

Perfect Sales Page Checklist so You can Get it Right Every Time

Eight (8) Coaching Sessions with Katie + special guest coach during the Program

BONUS #1: Jeff Walker’s Exclusive 18 Factors for Long-Term Success Training ($497 value)

Jeff says: "This bonus training is all about getting you long-term success – I’ve been in business online now for 25 years, with 15 years in my current business… and nearly every year has been a new peak in revenue. This is in a world where most businesses are measured in months, not years. I’ve never taught what it is I’ve done to create such long-term success. In this video, I share the 18 factors that have been the key to my long-term success…"

BONUS #2: The Super Secret Seed Launch Exclusive Bonus ($197 value)

An exclusive interview with Jeff where Katie gets him to divulge more detailed advice about having a successful Seed Launch with a high ticket offer. If you have a small list or need to get started FAST, this is for you!

BONUS #3: A Bonus VIP Ticket to Course Mastery Live (virtual edition $997 value)

March 16-18, 2023. This 3-day virtual training will help the entrepreneur, expert or teacher create an amazing online course or program. No one else teaches the flamingo formula for fabulous programs or brings in psychology of learning + motivational gamification and evaluation the way Katie does.

BONUS #4: Our Perfect Sales Page Checklist ($97 value)

Print the checklist and keep it handy so you can get your sales page right every time!

BONUS #5: Eight (8) group coaching sessions with Katie and Guest Coach ($4,000 value)

Katie's coaching clients invest up to $1,500/month to coach with her and private clients pay even more! Katie's followed Jeff's formula for over 40 launches, and has been through the PLF program more than half a dozen times. She'll be joined by her friend and fellow launch expert Gary Lintern who has successfully guided multiple groups through the PLF study program. Now's your chance to access both their expertise IN ADDITION to the coaching from the PLF official coaches, at no extra cost to you!

Product Launch Formula® + Jeff's Bonuses + Our Bonuses =


More About Jeff Walker

In 2018, Tap stayed home with the kids and sent me to a business event in Florida...

We both had a feeling this event would be life-changing, but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine just how much our life would change. I walked into the hotel ballroom to listen to a tall thin man on stage share the story of finding handprints on a canyon wall...

He related that story to making handprints on the hearts of your clients and customers, and to leaving your mark on the walls of history. His formula and his way of doing business - to touch and to change the world - has indeed changed our world and our legacy completely.

Jeff Walker is the creator of the Product Launch Formula® and author of the New York Times Best Seller, LaunchHow To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams. He started as a stay-at-home dad taking care of two small children, while launching an online paid newsletter subscription. As he refined his formula for launching he began teaching it others.

He went on to teach launching to business owners in nearly every niche you can imagine. In fact, for the last 25 years, if you've heard of someone doing a large online launch, they'v likely learned how to do it from Jeff Walker, including me,

Tap and I are so excited to invite you to learn from him now too! - Katie


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