Katie's Courses

Course Creation Blueprint

30+ pages containing all the parts and pieces that go into creating an amazing online course. Implement it all or use just what applies for you and the people your program serves.

Student Success Secrets

Need to improve the experience and finish rates of your students? Student Success Secrets DIY course contains everything you need to know about getting your students to successfully complete your program, leave raving reviews and become your biggest fans.

The Course Formula

You've got lots to share, but don't know how to get it into online course format. This 6 week DIY program + group coaching teaches you Katie's proprietary formula that helps you build out an amazing program that both serves and sells.

Doing Business with God

You're a believer, but you're struggling to reconcile how that should play out in the everyday of your business. This on demand personal Bible study + instruction & group coaching course (think college level Bible + Business class) will help Christian business owners renew your mind around business as God sees it and embrace your role as CEO of God's work.

Master Teacher Accelerator

You have a small list and have made some sales. You need a system to consistently list build and incrementally grow your course and coaching program launches in our 12-month group coaching experience, so that you can have a solid business that creates impact and income. We have a wait list and it's application only, so please apply today.

The Queens Mastermind

You are making consistent sales, your business is growing. Now it's time to create the business that can run without so much of your direct involvement allowing you the income, and time freedom to do the legacy impact activities that light you up. This 12-month program is a mix of small group coaching, masterminding and personal leadership development to help you grow yourself and your business into the business of your dreams. We have an 80% renewal renewal. Admission is by application only.

Open Door Mastermind

Your business is earning $300k/year and you're a Christian, grateful for the secular networks you have access to, but tired of the rat race of competition, tired of success being defined only by profit margins. No one in your current business circle understands your thirst to blend faith, family and business. The mentors you follow are good at their craft, but terrible about being comfortable with their faith, much less bold, or maybe they have no true faith at all. You need a group of colleagues who share your values and can have your back as you shine your light in the secular marketplace. If any of this is true for you, you might be a right fit for the Open Door Christian Business Peer Mastermind.


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