Katie's Programs

Katie provides incredible training in the four areas of Biblical Business Mindset, Marketing, Program Development and People Experience at each level of working with her even while some of her programs focus more heavily in one area than others, as noted in the graphics below. Please click "More Details" to learn more about her programs.

Doing Business with God

You're a believer, but you're struggling to reconcile how that should play out in the everyday of your business. This on demand personal Bible study + instruction & group coaching course (think college level Bible + Business class) will help Christian business owners renew your mind around business as God sees it and embrace your role as CEO of God's work.

The Flamingo Advantage® Framework

You have a small list and have made some sales. You need a system to consistently list build and incrementally grow your program launches. This 8 week DIY program + group coaching teaches you Katie's proprietary framework that helps you build out an amazing program that both serves and sells.

The Flamboyance

You are making consistent sales, your business is growing, but you are feeling alone and have this nagging thought that there's More to Life than Work.

Join The Flamboyance. Become a part of a like-minded community, Grow Your Business and Create Quality Relationships with Other Women, While Having Fun Along the Way.

This 12-month program is a mix of small group coaching, business building and personal leadership development to help you grow yourself and your business into the business of your dreams. We have an 80% renewal renewal rate. Admission is twice a year.

flamingo biz sanctuary uniqueness in business

Join our FREE Community

Where Christian Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers find a safe place to discuss mindset, marketing, programs and people experience issues in growing their business for the glory of God.


  • Have you participated in business trainings and masterminds but your soul felt something was missing?
  • Are you involved in secular trainings or groups that give great business advice, but don’t understand or honor your personal values?
  • Are you tired of the rat race of competition? Tired of success being defined only by profit margins and bank accounts?
  • Does your Christian circle or church not really “get” you? Do they struggle to support your business pursuits or fail to support them at all?
  • Do you dream of regular fellowship, equipping, and accountability with other believers who are also serious about business growth, geek out about marketing data, and are not ashamed to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source of their strength?

If so, a mastermind community might be what you're looking for.

Masterminds are groups of individuals committed to long term wholistic relationships. While they may be centered around a certain theme, they are about doing life, faith and business together for mutual benefit. Our Masterminds are a place ...

  • To be unapologetically Christian
  • To discuss/brainstorm business goals and needs with others of similar faith and values
  • Of collaboration, care and community, where we can pray with and for one another and our businesses without a spirit of competition
  • To get your cup filled so you can show up for your people and in your marketplace stronger.
  • A meeting of peers, Christians running established “Lord-led” businesses, - coming together on a regular basis committed to the growth of each other, in iron sharpening iron relationships
  • Regular encouragement to live and work from the foundation of God’s truth.
  • A commitment to a 50-90 minute virtual meeting twice per month for 12 months (minimum). There is no set curriculum, end date or goal achievement.
  • A willingness to share of your knowledge and expertise for the good of the group.
  • An investment to participate, so there is commitment and skin in the game.

Queens Mastermind

A 12-mo. peer based mastermind

Christian owners of coaching, teaching, or service based businesses

Women only

A portion of the member fee placed into the C. Kent Chapman Christian Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund to support new entrepreneurs in growing themselves and their businesses.

Open Door Mastermind

A 12-mo. peer based mastermind

Owners of established businesses (any niche)

A faith-led and family first work ethic 

Committed to blending present significance with lasting legacy for the glory of God.

Business is grossing $300k+ annually

A portion of the member fee placed into a generosity fund that the group gets to decide what to do with as needs in our communities come to our attention. 


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