There's More to Life than Work.

Join the Queens Mastermind to Grow Your Business and Create Quality Relationships with Other Women, While Having Fun Along the Way

We Believe You Were Brought to the Kingdom for Such a Time as This.

  • We know you're not afraid of doing the hard work to grow your business, but you're tired of doing it alone.
  • We know you're passionate about making an impact, but you need the support of others who share your values.
  • We know you question your worthiness and need others to mirror back to you what they see God doing in your life and life's work.
  • We know you struggle to ask for help, because you don't want to “bug” people, but you crave outside perspective and affirmation.

The “Flamingo” Queens Mastermind is An Exclusive High Level Mastermind for Christian Women in Business to help you turn your Business into one that Allows you the Lifestyle and Impact you Desire without Compromising Your Family, Your Values or Relationships.

A Mastermind for FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN IN BUSINESS Who Want to Live a Life of Impact & Success,


and Grow Without Compromising Your Uniqueness, Family, Values or Relationships.

Get your “inner flamingo” on and level up your biblical business mindset, marketing, program development and people leadership skills under the mentorship of Business Mindset and Strategy Coach, Katie Hornor. 

Registration is only open periodically throughout the year and is by application only. Please join the waitlist if you'd like to be notified when a spot becomes available. 

A 12 Month Mastermind with Other Women of Faith

What Can I Expect to Accomplish in the 12-month Queens Mastermind Program?

Design The Business You Want


Using the Handprint Legacy Business Model, you'll be able to design a business that serves you, your family and your impact goals and allows you to choose when you work, how often and with whom.


The Queens can be your safe place, sounding board, and business advisors, so your family can stop being your business coach and go back to being family.

NO MORE WONDERING IF YOU'RE ON TARGET. You'll stay on top of market numbers and trends with info from Katie, her coaches, guests and the other Queens so that you are better able interpret your numbers, project earnings, evaluate growth and cultivate your processes.

NO MORE SPAGHETTI MARKETING. Queens create repeatable marketing systems, so you're no longer guessing about what to do when, but can repeat with ease on a schedule to serves you AND your clients.

Use Our Systems to Grow the Business You Enjoy

NO MORE REINVENTING THE WHEEL. The Handprint Legacy Business Model will allow you to create systems in your business so you're not reinventing the wheel every time you want to open course registration, or launch a new product or service. The Systems will give you the freedom to to delegate and grow.


NO MORE TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN. Our method is proven. Our support is exceptional. You'll never be alone or without feedback/advice when you're a Queen.

NO MORE DREADING WORK. As a Queen you'll learn to see your business as a ‘sacred duty' through which you get to worship God, and fulfill His purpose for you in the Kingdom. The model, and systems you'll learn and implement as a Queen will allow you to love what you do and joyfully serve those God calls to you.


NO MORE LONG WEEKENDS AND OVER-COMMITTING. As a Queen you'll be able to focus in on the necessary and learn to say no, gracefully, to the rest, allowing you to blend work and family to preserve your own sanity and glorify God in both roles.

Small Group Coaching

Leadership requires accountability and Legacy requires vision.

Get serious, design your business to grow your income and impact in the Kingdom.

As a Queen, you'll set your own goals, then participate weekly with the same small group of ladies (6-8 people) for group coaching calls each quarter, allowing you weekly accountability, masterminding, and personalized hot seat coaching within those mtgs 1-2 times each month.

What's Included?


VIP Ticket to our live events (April and July)

VIP Ticket to our annual In-Person Queens only retreat (June)


Stretch Trainings

Concierge Support

+ Other Surprise Bonuses


2-day Retreat or 1-day workshops

For Pay in full: SOS calls with Katie


Small Group Coaching

24 hr access to Katie inside Facebook Community


Jennifer Elia

“The Queens Mastermind has been an amazing experience. Since I've been a participant I've grown to be the main income provider for our family and we moved across the country to our dream home. Katie is super dedicated and always there to lend support and redirect us when we get off track. My favorite part has been the close knit group of women there to cheer you on, keep you accountable, and help you figure it out when you get stuck.”

Myrna Buckles
Myrna Buckles

This past weekend I attended a retreat Katie provides quarterly for The Queens. The teaching she provided found a connection deep inside me with a laser-like focus. My limiting beliefs have limited my success for some time and I am aware of them. And, when Katie connected them to scripture and what God says about who He is and who I am, I realized my beliefs weren't limiting me, they were limiting God and his ability to work in my life and in the lives of others. So grateful for this program.”

Betsi Hill
Betsi Hill

“Katie helped me grow from hobby to business, helped me begin to think like a business owner and take what I was doing to a new level. As a Queen I've started a second blog, bought another business and written my first book! She is my most valuable business growth tool. She is amazing!”

Myrna Buckles
Myrna Buckles

“Katie not only teaches cutting edge business practices, she uses the Bible as her scale to determine if the practice is the next best step for herself and her clients. Her teaching is so intentional and truth-based that I feel ministered to with every encounter.”

Mellissa Ochsenhirt

“Katie helps us dive deep into ourselves, what is holding us back, and how we can move forward with confidence. She provides us with tools and systems to help each of us take our businesses to the next level. She leaves us with no excuses.”

Kathy Burrus

“Katie helped me see that doing business FOR God was not the same as doing business WITH God. I am so grateful for the Queens Mastermind retreats that speak deeply to the stuck places I am overcoming, even as I coach my own people through theirs.”

WHO IS Katie Hornor?

TAP AND KATIE HORNOR began their business career twelve years ago from their kitchen table while balancing a baby on their laps. And in 2021 Katie was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch by Fox, NBC and CBS. Her Master's degree in Education and extensive teaching experience in different fields has distinguished her as a leader in the world of online course and curriculum development.

Having studied under some of the biggest names in the speaker, influencer & online marketing space, and been invited to the stages of Jeff Walker, Bari Baumgardner, Jessika Phillips and others — Katie quickly became the go-to resource for her “experience first” and “business as worship” methods & mindset. 

Katie is a popular Christian author, women’s business coach, mentor and international speaker. In addition to the Prek- 6th grade curriculum at, Katie has created 25+ online courses, over 50 self-published books, including The Flamingo Advantage™: How to Leverage Unique, Stay Relevant and Change the World ( and 9 other best-sellers), and teaches her business clients to do the same so that they too can change the world for their clients.

The key to the Hornor's success is systems, fun, iteration and submitting it all to the knowledge and leading of God as the Owner of their business. 

Solid Bible-based marketing and student experience strategies have helped their clients double their income, retire their spouses, and create businesses they enjoy – all without compromising their faith or their values. 

Born in Binghamton, NY in 1979, Katie currently coaches clients from her home abroad in Campeche, Mexico, where they live, managing their homeschool ministry and home educate their five children.

The Tap Hornor Family

What's Included in the 12-month Queens Mastermind Program?

Live Events – VIP tickets to our annual Course Mastery Live and Handprint Legacy Live marketing trainings ($597.00)

Quarterly Retreats and Workshop Days– virtual mastermind member-only 2-day events focused on product suite development, and leadership  (Spring & Fall, $7,997.00) Plus, virtual mastermind member-only 1-day events focused on marketing systems and team growth (Summer & Winter, $3,997.00)

Stretch Trainings – 6 expert-led trainings on specific topics every other month (total 6, $8,940.00)

Weekly Group Coaching – 60-90 minute online interactive video mastermind meetings weekly with the other Flamingo Queens in your small group (total 48, $14,400.00)

Facebook Community – Access to continual brainstorming with your peers in our exclusive mastermind member-only Facebook group. We do require confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements from each of our members. ($1,200.00)

24 hour Access to Katie – tag Katie or a team member anytime and you'll get a personal response within a few hours because we know you have SOS times and your success is our priority, AND In 2022, we hired an assistant specifically to help us serve you better! (priceless).

What Are the Bonuses?


A Bonus on-demand Offer Creation Workshop to help you develop your next offer in your product pyramid. ($997.00)

A Bonus Bring a Friend ticket for our next Live event ($197.00)

Physical materials – goodies mailed to you each quarter, designed and specifically chosen for the Christian woman in business ($360.00)


We like to reward those who go all in. If you decide to pay in full, you'll also get access to a Quarterly SOS call with Katie – Every 90 Days you can ask for a 1 on 1 coaching session with Katie for a deep dive into your business or get customized help that applies just to you ($4,000.00).

TOTAL VALUE: $42,685.00 USD

That's about the price of a year's tuition if you were getting your MBA. But this investment is

only $11,997 for the year (OR 12 payments of $1,170)

There are only 3 more spots available at this rate.


If accepted, your investment today, to hold your spot in the program, is a non-refundable deposit of just $1,170 USD that covers your first month's participation in the program.You can then choose to pay in full or use the payment plan within the first 30 days.


When is my first payment due?

A $1,170 deposit today holds your spot in the program and is your first month's payment. If you decide to pay in full, your balance is due by Jan 10th. If you chose payments, your next payments will automatically charge every 30 days. One month from the date of the first payment. 

When do we start?

As soon as you make your deposit we'll ask you to fill out an onboarding form, sign the non-disclosure agreement and set up your first call with Katie. Your first official Mastermind event will be the coaching call on the following Tuesday,

What are the bonuses?

A Bonus on-demand Offer Creation Workshop to help you develop your next offer in your product pyramid. ($997.00). A Bonus Bring a Friend ticket for our next Live event ($297.00). Physical materials – goodies mailed to you each quarter, designed and specifically chosen for the Christian woman in business ($330.00)

Can I make the payment on more than one card?

No, the system is set up to accept one form of payment per transaction. 

Can I switch from payments to Pay in Full to save $2,043?

Yes, if you wish to change to pay in full, save $2,043 and gain access to the Pay In Full Quarterly SOS calls, please email our team within the first 30 days at team@handprintlegacycom.

What is the refund period?

Your investment today to hold your spot in the program is a non-refundable deposit of $1,170 that covers your onboarding call with Katie and your first month's participation in the program. You can then choose to pay in full or use the payment plan by the end of the first 30 days.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes. All the calls are recorded and posted to your members hub within a few days.

Our Calendar

You get to jump in right away with weekly 1 to 1 coaching in your small group calls every Tuesday!

Retreats and workshop days are announced as planned.



Onboarding action plan and orientation call with Katie


1 to 1 Coaching in your Small Group Calls are on Tuesdays. You get to pick from the available times.


The first Wednesday of each month is our Stretch Training.


Brenda Mason

“Katie Hornor is the real deal as far as coaches go. She is compassionate, inspiring, and so very helpful. Katie pushes you to be the best you can be without demeaning you and is with you each step of the way. Her mastermind is the best investment I have ever made in myself and my business. And now I've brought my artist husband home to pursue his art career full time too” 

Danielle Tate
Danielle Tate

“In the Queens Mastermind I learn from what the sessions and hot seats share for me and from what is shared for others. I have been to four of Katie's retreats now, and I leave each time with more direction, technical understanding, and a better focus on marketing the message God has given me to help Christians live victorious with their finances.” 

Dawnita Fogleman
Dawnita Fogleman

“I've learned more from Katie Hornor in a few minutes than so many ‘free' webinar sales pitches. I always know I can ask her or the talented ladies in the Queens Mastermind and they always have real answers and amazing ideas. They have been such an encouragement to help me grow as a person, a journalist and a business owner.” 

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