Marketing Like Jesus Masterclass

with Katie Hornor

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The Opportunity to work with the Master Marketer

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The Transformation Possible when we Walk with the Master Marketer

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Taking Ownership of your Role as Marketing CEO

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Meet the Hornor's

Tap and Katie Hornor began their online business career 12 years ago from their kitchen table while balancing a baby on their laps. And in 2021, Katie was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch by FOX, NBC and CBS. Her Master's degree in Education and extensive teaching experience in different fields has distinguished her as a leader in the world of online courses and curriculum development.

Having studied under some of the biggest names in the speaker, influencer & online marketing space, and been invited to the stages of Jeff Walker, Bari Baumgardner, Jessika Phillips and others — Katie quickly became the go-to resource for her "experience first" and “business as worship” methods & mindset. 

The key to the Hornor's success is not the flower in Katie's hair (that's her physical reminder of God's favor on her and delight in her uniqueness). The key to their success is systems, fun, iteration and submitting it all to the knowledge and leading of God as the Owner of their business. 

Solid Bible-based marketing and student experience strategies have helped their clients double their income, retire their spouses, and create businesses they enjoy - all without having to "be like everybody else", and without compromising their faith, their family or their values. 

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