Draw a line in the sand. 

Align your beliefs with God's Word .

Renew your mind in the 8 most important areas of your life so you can think biblically, live confidently and walk each day in joy!

Christian Business Owner, Be Honest with Yourself...

Do you need more confidence?
Do you need more compassion?
Do you need more self-discipline?
Do you feel like you're not very efficient?
Do you find yourself easily "triggered"?
Do you feel like your life is chaotic and unbalanced?
Are you often anxious about finances or relationships?
Do you wish for abundance and then feel guilty for wishing?
Do you feel like you're stuck or missing something?

"I have such a close walk with God there is no way to improve it"...said no one ever.

You CAN live your life to the fullest and use all the gifts God has given you.

You CAN honor God with your every area of your life without condemnation or guilt.

You CAN live life the way you've only dreamed of in the past.

You just need someone to show you the pattern for biblically renewing your mind.

Why Committee8™?

The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation.

It is considered that number 8 is a symbol of self-confidence, success, inner wisdom and compasion.

The supposed meanings of angel number are decisiveness, self-discipline, efficiency and prosperity.

A sign of balance and abundance.

Committee8™ is a transformational Bible based coaching program for Christians who own businesses where we will dive deep into the 8 areas of Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finance, Fun, Field (career/business) and Fulfillment.

1. We’re going into more than just business. We’re going to get personal.

2. It’s a 12 month program for long-lasting transformation.

Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finance, Fun, Field & Fulfillment

You're here because ...

  • You want to be know God better.
  • You want the clarity and confidence to say no easily.
  • You want the privilege of saying yes to the right things and people with joy.
  • You want to know what you want and then do it.
  • You want to accomplish more that matters.
  • You want to do less of the things that don’t matter.
  • You want more calm and less chaos in your spirit.
  • You want to stretch and grow and surprise yourself.

This program is the in between program between Doing Business with God and our higher level Queens Mastermind that helps you do the personal work to be the HUMAN and Ambassador of Christ you want to be in all areas of your life.

It's a bit life coaching and a bit Bible study.

Your commitment here over the next 12 months will have a direct impact on the change effected in your life because you are drawing a line in the sand to change your beliefs and words and actions to align with God's Word - starting now.

What you get:

  • Commit to 12 months. We’ll be working in alignment with God’s Word to change your thinking, your reflex responses and your actions. It’s not a quick win project. It's a lifestyle change that will be beyond worth it
  • Commit to spend about an hour per week on your growth assignments. No excuses. The more you put in the more you will get out.
  • Be ready to act immediately when God shows you something to tweak, stop or start doing and you'll experience relationship with Him like never before!
  • Two trainings monthly accessible in the portal (recordings also provided) to help you build the muscle of renewing your mind.
  • Engage with me, our coaches and the other Committee8™ members in our exclusive Facebook community for quick touch points during the week to encourage you and keep you on track towards the transformation, or share wins and prayer requests in the group and feel the Committee8™ community rallying around you as you grow
  • A full print on demand Workbook study guide
  • One live Group Coaching Call each month with Katie
  • One Community Share Call monthly to share wins, learnings, prayer requests and fellowship with other believers in business

I cannot wait to celebrate who you've become 12 months from now!

What we provide:

Two trainings each month (with recordings) accessed in the portal on the 8 topics.

One coaching call each month where you will have the opportunity to submit your questions and be coached in front of the group!

One community share call each month for fellowship, encouragement & prayer

A print on demand workbook for the entire program

Active support from our coaches inside the community facebook group

Acess to a new community of friends and colleagues who share like values inside a private Facebook Group that will have guided conversation around the monthly topics.

Normally $1,997 - Our Fall Special through September 30th is just $97/month.


Two Enrollment Options

Monthly for 12 months



Get access to the program for one year.

Automatic monthly billing.

Pay in Full for 12 months



Pay once

Save $194

Get access to the program for one year.

+ a BONUS SOS Call with Katie any time

during the 12 months ($500 value)

This year you CAN have more, be more, do more than last year. And it starts with working on YOU.

You have to do the work, but you don’t have to do it alone.

It’ll be our privilege to facilitate that growth and walk with you along the way.

Take advantage of our Fall Special to join now for 50% off the normal rate of $1,997.

Alumni Shares

"This program has created a habit of personal time with God. I now feel weird if I don't start my day with him. And I love that this has given me new and different Scriptures than I've been drawn to before, and I'm seeing them at a deeper level."

Becca McMillan

"My team and my family now know they cannot reach me during the first hour of the day. I am out of sorts and unable to get through the day if I don't start it at the duck pond for a "CEO mtg" with God, the owner of my business. "

Karen Taylor

"Having the guidance for this study and having to find my own Scriptures for the topic at hand was amazing! I really appreciate you putting this course together, Katie. It's been a life-changer."

Lori Carl

"This program made me realize that God has to be the foundation of it ALL. I have to start every day with him, and not be distracted by all the rest. He's shown me that He is the center and base connection and strength for anything I am dealing with."

Sherri Holston

These last three years have created an ache in hearts for community and we are anticipating God doing amazing things through the fellowship and growth about to take place because you said yes to God and yes to you in joining this program.


This is not for "everyone".

This is for YOU if you are a Christian, own or run a business and are committed to growing yourself for God's glory this year.

It's time to know God better, and live like you believe what He says in each of these 8 areas of your life.

We don't do woo! Just Bible for you!

Are you all in? it's going to be amazing!

katie hornor

Biblical life coaching is not therapy. I am not a doctor or a therapist...

BUT I can teach you the biblical pattern for renewing your mind daily.

I can help you change the way you look at things which will change your life!

God is still in the business of changing lives - and it starts with your committment!

Katie Hornor

When does it start?

Upon successful payment you get immediate access to the course materials. Our coaching calls are the 2nd Tuesday ea month and Community Share calls are the 4th Tuesday monthly. Both at 8pm ET/5pm pacific.

How will this change my life?

At the end of the 12 months if you apply yourself to the assignments and open your heart to the transformative power of God’s Word and His Spirit working in you I expect that … You will know God better which Scripture promises results in more peace and grace in everything you do. The Christian walk is not a checklist to complete, it is a relationship to enjoy. You will have clarity and confidence to say no easily to things (and people) that are not God’s best for you right now. You will know the privilege of saying yes to the right things and people with joy. You will know what you want and have the courage to do it. You will be accomplishing more of what matters. You will be doing less of the things that don’t matter. You will know how to achieve more calm and less chaos in your spirit regardless of your circumstances. You will be surprised at how much you’ve stretched and grown. And those close to you will notice a difference, because our change always has and effect those around us.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You can choose to enroll with the pay in full plan to save money and get the BONUS coaching call, or the 12 monthly payments. Our system accepts both credit cards and paypal. You can make that choice at checkout. This is not a cancel any time membership. It is a 12-month program. We offer refunds for 14 days from purchase if you should decide it's not a right fit for you. Please email team@ handprintlegacy.com with refund or billing questions.

How is this different from Doing Business with God?

The Doing Business with God course is 6 weeks of weekly calls and training pertaining to business. In Committee8™ there are 2 trainings each month where we’ll go deep into what God says and what my response and responsibility is in 8 areas of our life: Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finance, Fun, Field and Fulfillment. And you'll have monthly coaching and community share calls with me and my personally trained coaches to guide discussion and application around what you are learning. Committee8™ is more transformational than the Doing Business with God program because 1. We’re going into more than just business. We’re going to get personal and 2. It’s a 12 month program for long-lasting transformation.

What's the time investment?

The time commitment will be 1-2 hours per week + the group mentoring and community calls each month for 12 months.

When will you offer this again?

This is a Founders offer. Registration ends Sept 30 and we do not know when we may open it again to a new group at a potentially different price point. Those who get in now and stay active will maintain their Founders rate.

About Katie

It can be easy to see someone's now and compare it to your beginning, but the TAP AND KATIE HORNOR you now see with an expat airbnb space and an international coaching business started as beat up ministry exiles living in a 250 year old house with leaky roof and $5 left to their name.

Their business ministry began twelve years ago from their kitchen table while balancing a baby on their laps and keeping 3 other young children safe and busy. But God...

God walked them from barely surviving month to month on ministry donations to running a multiple six figure company.

Through her client experience & marketing strategy coaching Katie has helped over 8,000 experts, teachers, coaches & entrepreneurs learn to maximize the impact of their expertise by scaling their online course/coaching businesses.

And in 2021 Katie was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch by Fox, NBC and CBS.

Katie is the go-to resource in her industry for her client experience expertise, her Flamingo Advantage® frameworks and her “business as worship” methods & mindset. 

Katie is a also a popular Christian speaker and a prolific author (10 best-sellers).

The key to the Hornor's success is systems, fun, iteration and submitting it all to the knowledge and leading of God as the Owner of their business. 

Solid Bible-based marketing and client experience strategies have helped their clients double their income, retire their spouses, and create businesses they enjoy – all without compromising their faith or their values. 

Born in Binghamton, NY in 1979, Katie currently coaches clients from her home abroad in Campeche, Mexico, where they live, managing their homeschool ministry and home educate their five children.

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